Free Tinder Gold Hacks in 2020 (3 How-to Videos Included In The Post)

Free Tinder Gold Hacks in 2020 (3 How-to Videos Included In The Post)

Can you get Tinder Gold for free in 2020? Yes, you absolutely can, and we don’t mean the trick how you can unblur the images in your See who likes you screen, we mean getting real Tinder Gold subscription for free.

It this article, we will show you exactly how you can do that whether you have an Android or an iOS device. We will link multiple videos so you can try out multiple methods that still work in 2020. We will also tell you what are the risk related to free Tinder Gold is, what Tinder APK is and what are is another way to get a Tinder Gold feature for free.

How to get Tinder Gold for free?

So, if you are not interested in anything else, just angry with Tinder because you think Gold is so overpriced and just want to get Tinder Gold for free, watch the videos below:

It is shown exactly step by step what you have to do on your phone if you want to get Tinder Gold for free:

We tested and the above video worked us perfectly. However, if for some reason you couldn’t get it working, here is another one using a different method.

So, basically that is all you have to do, just follow what they are doing in any of the videos and you will be able to use Tinder Gold for.

So that is, but we suggest you to keep reading. As it is important to know how this hack works. We will also share our opinion if you have to be afraid of facing any risk if you are using this hack.

What is Tinder APK?

Although I am not technical, so feel free to correct me in the comment section below, but as far as I understand, these hacked versions of Tinder can only be used if you are using an APK version of the app.

Tinder APK is an app that is not authorized in the Google Play store. And obviously, as a hacked version would not be allowed to be available in an app store you have to download this APK file from a third-party website.

As the hacked version of Tinder is not actually the Tinder app, just a modified version of it, Tinder doesn’t see these users using a hacked version of the app at all, so they can’t restrict the number of Tinder gold premium features you use for free.

Free Tinder Gold Hack risks

However, as these are third-party apps that are not checked by either Google or Apple and don’t have to comply with any security requirements, you definitely should not trust them with your data. In most cases, they make you download some apps, so you help them in some ways, and that should be okay, but never let them give you access to your personal data or anything.

Another part of the risk is coming from Tinder itself. Tinder is making a lot of money from Tinder Gold and Plus subscription, they are the number one grossing app in app stores, and breaking revenue records in almost all quarters.

So, if this method gets popular and a lot of people are taking advantage of it and not purchasing Tinder Gold, you can be sure that Tinder will take some kind of action against it and will do everything to stop these third-party apps.

So, if this solution stops working, look back on this blog post, and I will update the videos if there are new solutions that are still working.

Free Tinder Gold Features for free

If you don’t want to take the risk, you are afraid that you might get banned or just simply consider this hack to be unethical, there is still a way to get the most important Tinder Gold feature kind of for free.

Tinder Gold is basically all Tinder Plus features plus See Who likes and 10 Top Picks. 10 Top Picks is pretty much a useless premium feature, for more info see our post on it.

So most people upgrade to Tinder Gold because of the feature than enables them See who liked their profiles. We also have a separate article where we cover this feature comprehensively and a blog post we share a free hack to see who liked your profile without having Tinder Gold.

­Tinder Gold Free Trial

You could read on some forums that someone received a 3-day free trial, but this information was not confirmed by any official statement from Tinder. I personally was never offered free trials. So we wouldn’t suggest you to wait for Tinder giving you a free trial period. If you want to get access to Tinder Gold, if you can afford it, buy it, or use the hack we outlined in this article.

So, that is it, everything you must know how you can get Tinder Gold for free. Hope you have found this information to be helpful. If some of the methods explained in the videos, we embedded in this article are not working anymore, let us know in the comment section and we will update the articles.

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