Can Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods’s Friendship Last?

Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner.

Picture: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

On Friday, Jordyn Woods continued Jada Pinkett Smith’s Twitter view chat tv series,

Red Table-talk

, to talk about “her fact.” Jordyn, which presumably
hooked up together with her best friend’s sister’s date
, Tristan Thompson, might exiled from Kardashian-Jenner family after almost ten years of friendship, but ended up being indeed there setting the record right. She told Jada that she requires obligation for
her a portion of the story
— which we discovered had been the woman becoming drunk and residing at Khloé’s date’s home till the sun came up — but denied the accusations that something certainly untoward took place. Seemingly, Tristan kissed their about mouth (no language) as she moved out the door, stunned. “affix me to a lie detector,” she considered Jada. “I wanted the individuals included to understand that i am informing the facts. I’m not asking people to at all like me. I am not asking you to forgive me personally instantaneously. I am simply requesting to learn myself and feel me personally.”

Right here I will advise you that Kylie’s buddy circle is tiny. Around 2017 she started
unfollowing all of the woman high-school pals
on Instagram because witnessing photographs ones leading normal physical lives and going to prom made the lady “sad.” It turns out, it’s difficult to maintain connections with high-school pals while raising a lip-kit empire. As she whittled down her friend circle, Kylie stayed mounted on a small number of men and women, including Jordyn, whom turned into like family on the whole Kardashian clan. Jordyn stayed in Kylie’s guest residence, drove Kylie’s autos, and journeyed throughout the world with Kylie, staying by the woman area for nearly ten years, mainly without incident. Nevertheless now, while we’re left to parse so just how deep a betrayal this really was actually, we are must concern if or not Kylie and Jordyn’s friendship can survive.

I must confess, i am quite concerned about this! In addition to her
and assistant
Victoria Villarroel
(who may have virtually 500,000 fans on Instagram), Kylie doesn’t seem to have quite numerous non-family, non-famous friends. What will happen when she’s no (reasonably) typical folks about?

“You do understand that from the woman standpoint, anyone who has welcomed you like a sibling, this could be an extremely, truly difficult a person to ingest even in recognizing precisely what happened?” Jada, a sage, asked while in the interview. But Kylie has endured buddy dramas prior to, thus I seemed right back at the woman past friend-breakups to see if Jordyn might be able to get herself from the forests.


Singer and former specialist buddy
Princess Pia Mia
, as she actually is typically referred to as, has been in the Kardashian orbit for at least six years. In 2013, surrounded by Kardashians and Jenners, Hailey Baldwin, Drake, and Kanye western, Pia caught our interest with this short clip of by herself singing a Drake tune

to Drake

. Kim Kardashian western posted the video on the now defunct video-sharing application Keek, and everyone applauded the students performer in order to have the guts to play “only hold on tight We’re Heading Home,” to Drake along with her ability to get Kanye to take pleasure from himself (he is seen chuckling and smiling in admiration through the quick video). After that, Pia Mia, ended up being just about surgically mounted on Kylie. For two decades a pals
went around
L . A .,
performed with also to each other on Snapchat
, and appeared with each other on certain periods of

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

. She went every where with Kylie … and then she didn’t.

By the end of 2015, fans had found on her lack from Kylie’s social media marketing or paparazzi pictures, making all of them questioning the reason why the performer therefore the budding cosmetics mogul dropped off friendship. The answer is not cut and dry, however their “feud” have something you should carry out with increased love rumors among Kylie’s family and friends.

Though Pia denies ever before having any doing work or romantic relationship with him,
rumors circulated that she and Kanye western were having an affair
. In 2014, Radar stated that the subsequently 17-year-old was focusing on songs and sleeping with Kanye. But Pia afterwards told
, “I actually have not been working together with Kanye … i mightn’t always say i am pals with Kanye … But we know both, yeah.”

Still, as soon as the trailer for Cameron Diaz’s film

Others Lady

was released that 12 months, Pia uploaded it because of the caption, “@TheOtherWomanMovie truck … story of living. Guna end up being thus humorous! #differentlady #sp”. Hmm.

Approximately a year a lot more she and Kylie continued their unique friendship, but from 2015–2017 the two just weren’t seen with each other in public. Speaks of their relationship ending overloaded different sides of this net, but an eagle-eyed Twitter individual noticed that in late 2016,
Kylie ended up being lip syncing to a Pia tune
. Very, possibly there seemed to ben’t any terrible bloodstream all things considered. The 2 are definitely not quite as near as they used to be, but Kylie, Kendall, and Jordyn all follow Pia on Instagram, generally there’s however some really love there.


Like Pia Mia, Justine Skye is a musician and Kylie Jenner buddy from the recent past. But, unlike Pia, there does not seem to be a lot area for reconciliation amongst the two pals. Neither woman has truly talked on why just their relationship fell apart, but I got a few ideas.

In 2014, Justine turned into pals with both Kylie and Kendall after moving to L.A. to pursue music. The Jenner’s were introduced to Justine by Willow Smith, who is in addition a mutual of Jordyn and Kar-Jenner clan. And, in 2015,
she described the Jenners as
her “best friends.” Over the next few years, Justine proceeded
vacation making use of the siblings
, partied with them, and modeled for Kylie Cosmetics.

All ended up being well, until all became exceptionally unwell and hardly ever talked about. In 2017 Justine was rumored to get online dating Travis Scott and
though she nor Travis ever affirmed
dug up a video clip in which Justine talks really extremely of Travis. She claims, “he is been actually dope, he is a dope artist, he is an incredible musician, rap artist manufacturer. So, we feel, we kick it, fantastic fuel,” when asked to ensure or deny she coyly states “no confirmation.” MediaTakeOut claims that there were only months between Justine and Travis’s split and Kylie and Travis’s preliminary courtship in April 2017.

picture with Jordyn and Justine
, captioned “My personal porn lil baby ????” was the last of Justine on Kylie’s social.

In 2018 whenever exposed to the idea that she and Kylie had a falling-out over Travis, Justine informed ”
The Breakfast Club
” that she and Kylie were pals “back during the day … this is when it comes to, like, four in years past, i assume … and we had beenn’t. Things happen.” She added, “you become adults and you carry on different routes.”

Their routes aren’t


different however. Justine remains great pals with Kendall plus
in the offing the woman shock party a year ago

Pia and Justine played smaller roles in Kylie’s life, so their falling-out over significantly less high-profile incidents must have been a training for Jordy. Pia and Justine never caused Kylie to need to give consideration to whether to
remain true for her household or companion
. It’s reported that as soon as the development of Tristan and Jordyn out of cash, Kylie was
in assertion
defended their friend
first. She really couldn’t put the woman head around the idea of a betrayal of these impressive proportions.

Kylie has considered her companion, Travis Scott, that tried to remain since faraway through the Jordyn drama as it can.
TMZ research
that as he’s lent an ear canal to Kylie, he is also not providing any opinions because the guy doesn’t always have that strong an allegiance to either Jordyn or Kylie’s family members. And,
because it turns out
, he might not even have that strong an allegiance to Kylie.
TMZ can also be stating he’s simply been accused of cheating on Kylie
… by Kylie.

Only if she had a best friend to lean on today.