This Tampon Alternate Could Make All Cycle Sex Headaches Disappear Completely

Just about every girl provides the woman look at if or not
having duration gender
is right for her. I am able to talk for several days about many
health and fitness benefits period sex can supply
. As an example, it can benefit relieve cramps, shorten the length of your own period, as well as create higher closeness together with your lover. I am talking about, blood get almost everywhere. You can’t get anymore close than that.

Trust in me, I am able to entirely understand why many people
you should not appreciate period intercourse
. But if the mess is exactly what’s switching you off from getting hired in, well, there is
a new tampon alternative
going to hit the market which is designed to generate your period intercourse concerns go-away.

It’s everything about monthly period discs.
The Flex Organization
created FLEX, a smooth, disposable menstrual drive which can be used for up to 12 several hours. Its doctor-approved are safe, simple to use, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, and won’t cause
harmful surprise problem
. On a level brighter note, the purpose behind this product is a pretty good any.

“FLEX was created as a comfortable, as pleasing option to tampons, pads, and glasses. We got significant concern using services and products offered to us—but more importantly, we were upset by talks being had about menstrual,” Lauren Schulte, creator and Chief Executive Officer on the Flex organization tells Bustle.

Let’s be honest. Periods tend to be a normal part of all women’s life. It’s something we have to all accept. But there’s still an unnecessary stigma around it. Due to this, Schulte began FLEX with “a mission to generate positive, engaging discussions about ladies systems.”

Here are five issues should be aware of about FLEX:

1. Its An Intravaginal Unit

Schulte learned about
monthly period cups
the very first time in 2014, and had been straight away intrigued by their particular guarantee. But she admittedly had been frustrated by just how difficult these people were to place and take away. By creating FLEX, Schulte looks to eradicate that trouble.

FLEX is placed straight in and down seriously to the base of the cervix and tucks in behind the pubic bone. This creates a leak-proof seal while making the vaginal channel free—unlike a tampon or cup, which plugs upwards a female’s vaginal channel.

Like a menstrual cup, FLEX gathers instead of absorbs your own menses. However, the key huge difference is that it is used on root of the cervix versus during the genital canal. This permits for air to move easily, which can help reduce cramping. As an important plus, it will also enable sex while sporting it.

2. Its Throw Away And May Be Used As Much As 12 Hours

Moreover it holds between five to eight tampons of fluid. It means you merely need change it about once or twice everyday. It does not absorb like a tampon, as a result it will not trigger bacterial infections or TSS.

3. Mess-Free Period Gender Is Actually An Added Bonus

FLEX easily markets by itself as “something new for mess free duration sex.” But Schulte and Head of development, Erika Jensen, had bookings advertising it as such. After enjoying suggestions from a lot of the early consumers, they unearthed that a lot of people just who decided to go with not to end up being close throughout their period for whatever reason, responded absolutely to a product or service that would let them have intercourse throughout their cycle.

“FLEX enables couples who doesn’t have formerly got period sex a unique chance to mention it and try it,” Schulte states. “and those of us have been already comfortable having period intercourse (including you), FLEX saves our white sheets and allows us to benefit from the moment more, as opposed to operating to your bath.”

4. FLEX Is About Serving Women Alternatives

Per Schulte, 85 per cent of women whom try FLEX for the first time would you like to change to what they are selling full time. While females have responded well on the 12-hour leak-free protection, cramp reliefs, and disposability, Schulte states best match they receive usually FLEX is “so comfy they ignore they’re on their period whenever sporting it.”

While which is great, Schulte and Jensen in the end wanna supply females with choice.

“Women are smart,” Schulte states. “this is the actual point. We want to provide females an alternative choice. Therefore, if they are like united states and detest your options available today, they’re able to switch entirely from tampons to FLEX.”

5. You’ll Preorder Them Today

You can easily subscribe to pre-orders these days at
The FLEX Business website
. Totally free samples of the merchandise will also be becoming offered, at the mercy of availability of course. They start shipping the item out in Sep.

“We think that the majority of stigma about women’s durations is driven by not enough training. And in addition we think ladies are yearning to feel more comfortable during their periods, which better items, engaging discussions, and a deeper understanding of her human anatomy will generate good modification,” Schulte says


“ladies spend almost one fourth of the life menstruating, of course we could help make females feel even slightly much less ashamed about her body during this time period, we’ve achieved our objective.”

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